Omugole Caravan in Eastern Uganda 2016 – 2017

The project aims to engage communities in Busoga Sub-region and its neighbourhoods using the Forum Theater platform in the production of the play, Omugole, to address sociocultural and environmental challenges affecting the population. Greater focus is put on the young people in the region who are adversely affected by numerous challenges threatening their current and future livelihoods by keeping them out of school and bound in vicious cycles of poverty, child marriages, domestic violence, disease, and crime. The situation calls for immediate intervention. Luckily, the challenges have been captured and outlined expertly and with firsthand experience in the play, Omugole (The Bride) written in Lusoga by Cornelius Wambi Gulere.

Using Forum Theater, we will produce and tour Omugole throughout Busoga region and the neighbouring areas of Buikwe, Bunyole, Bugwere, and Bugisu. All shows will be free. Audiences will debate together the problems facing the region’s young population and agree on the most applicable or workable solutions. Forum theater is a highly integrative community participatory approach that empowers individuals and allows for open debate and comprehensive analysis of social problems while suggesting the best possible solutions or interventions.

We estimate to reach out to a total population of 5 million people in the six months of Forum Theater discussions and tours of Omugole. At least 4 million of these will be young people in and out of school. The numbers will be realized through exploitation of mass gatherings like Kyabazinga celebration days, national public holidays, Imbalu celebrations, Christmas, End of Year, and New Year festivities, religious and cultural events, and the youth populations in schools. We will also work with respective Members of Parliament, local and opinion leaders to generate a schedule of performances. Overall, we will stage 100 performances in 50 venues.

Main Outcomes
1) Empowered community members

2) Young people being more willing, able and knowledgeable to address their immediate sociocultural and environmental challenges

3) Strategic, increased and productive stay in school, making informed decisions, shunning violence, and growing self-respect and esteem.

4) Local leaders and older persons constituting social support systems to realize sustainable peace, stability, and development in the region.

Time frame
July 2016 – October 2017. Phase one of the Forum Theater discussions and tour of Omugole will be launched on 10 September 2016 during the Kyabazinga’s Coronation Anniversary through the Kyabazinga Day on 11 February 2017 up to the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2017.


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