Omugole Caravan outreaches?

We anticipate to reach out to a total population of 5 million people in the six months dedicated to the Forum Theater shows and discussions and at least 4 million of these will be young people in and out of school. The numbers will be realized through targeted shows during mass gatherings like Kyabazinga commemoration days, riddling events, national public holidays, Imbalu celebrations, Independence Carnival, Christmas, farmers expos, business fora, End of Year, and New Year festivities, cultural fairs, and school days. We will also work with Members of Parliament, local and opinion leaders to sponsor performances in their respective constituencies. An estimated 100 shows of Omugole will be staged in different venues including schools, markets, community centers, mosque and church yards where acceptable. All shows will be free of charge. We encourage audiences to debate the issues raised in the play in comparison to what is happening in their own localities.




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