Why Omugole drama?

Why the play, Omugole?
Uganda in general, Mpolyabigere in particular has used drama to change lives in hard to reach areas of Busoga. The challenges that normally plague the children, youth and communities in Uganda are captured very well in the play, Omugole (The Bride) written by Austin Bukenya in English and translated in Lusoga by Cornelius Wambi Gulere. The message of naming and shaming is the basis of our proposed strategy of community engagement and intervention. The play, Omugole, is also appropriate because marriage is the center of human life. Every young person dreams of becoming “omugole” (a bride) at one point in their lifetime. For the girls, marriage is seen as the pinnacle of their life. The nature of marriage influences the life dreams and aspirations of young people as they transit from childhood into adulthood. Children should therefore be nurtured to blossom and live responsibly as they discover their full human potentials at the right time, in the right way, and with the right people.





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