Synopsis of Omugole

The play Omugole portrays the initiates as irresponsible, sexually wreck-less, and suffering gender violence yet united against oppressive traditions and determined to pursue peaceful resolution of their conflicts using reason and knowledge amongst their perceived generation of enlightenment. They revolt against useless customs, break their physical spears and expose the crude machinations of the ‘blindfolded’ village seer and the elders’ council. The village seer, who is depicted as an unproductive male priest with just a lifeless skull for a child lives in torment. He is nagged by his authoritative wife to betroth their son, the skull, to the beautiful albino girl, Namaadhi, and daughter of a foreigner. Though settled in the village for many years, the family of this girl is segregated. The girl’s parents are convinced that this marriage would be the only way they could gain acceptance as citizens in the community. The girl is confused and her mother who initially condemns this forced and arranged marriage, gives in when she realizes that her underage daughter was no longer a virgin. To save her own name and that of the family, she quickly sides with her low esteemed husband to marry her off to the skull under the pretext that it is the seer that she is going to marry. Her age mates learn of it and they quickly arrange to secure her release by exposing who her true husband is to be. In so doing they shatter the skull and the crafty schemes in the village leading to freedom and a new dispensation.


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